Learn how to use the technology and media your child craves in order to develop patience, respect, kindness, honesty, self-control, modesty, humility, and self-worth.

Finally, a biblical and practical guide for parents seeking to manage both the quantity and quality of media coming into the hearts and minds of our kids. Kelly does an amazing job of bringing to light the dangers and hidden "traps" of technology that parents everywhere are struggling to navigate. This is an issue that today's parents must face and this book is the perfect tool for the battle. This book will be a lifeline for parents as they engage the culture in this area to be encouraged and strengthened to raise children who can develop wise and godly discipline when it comes to technology. The advice is solid and practical, with many examples of how to implement limits while shaping character. A must-have for this generation of parents and grandparents.

Every future parent, parent and grandparent should carefully read this book! Kelly is real and factual about the lure and damage that miss managed media can do to young souls. She is likewise creative and relevant is how adults can positively use various types of media to train and transform character and in turn the trajectory of many young lives. Kelly very transparently shares stories from her challenges as a parent and the challenges that she and her husband have faced in developing the best in their children. Along the way, Kelly includes important resources that adults can use not just to manage children's media use but even our own. Excellent and vital read for the future of our children's hearts and lives.

Available in Paperback and on Kindle Unlimited



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