Ep. 102: WW Sharenting and Using Kids as Content

What is the impact on kids when their parent is (or wants to be) an online influencer? What about when the kids are the content?

In this Worldview Wednesday episode we look at headlines surrounding what is known as Sharenting: the sharing of kids pictures, videos, and lives by parents. What are the long term benefits (if any)? What are the unseen consequences? Most importantly, what does God’s word say about this issue?

Articles referenced:

Influencer Parents and The Kids Who Had Their Childhood Made Into Content
‘Sharenting’: Why is France trying to stop parents from oversharing their children’s images online?
French MPs examine bill on children’s right to privacy on social media
Who Know What About Me?
Mommy Influencer Announces Bizarre Meet-and-Greet Tour for 3 Year Old Daughter

Scripture referenced:

1 Tim 5:8
Prov 4:23
Eph 6:4
Ezekiel 18:4
1 Cor 10:23
1 John 1:9


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