Ep. 106: WW Bullying & Suicide

This week’s Worldview Wednesday covers three recent headlines of young people who are bullied and then take their own lives. If bullies have always been a part of every generation – what is so different about bullying today that it leads to such tragic ends? Even more, why is suicide now the go-to solution for kids? Kelly and Chelsea look at scripture to find answers to these questions.

Articles referenced:

In His Final Moments, Indiana Middle Schooler Blamed His Bullies

New Jersey school suicide: Mother of 11-year-old discovers ominous cellphone recording

New Jersey school superintendent resigns after 14-year-old student’s suicide. 

Veteran teacher breaks down why teachers are quitting

Scripture referenced:

John 10:7-15
2 Cor 1:3-4
Psalms 6:5-7
James 1:2
2 Corn 4:8-9
Isaiah 61:1
Hebrews 10:23
Jeremiah 6:16



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