Ep. 110: WW Social Media & Smartphone News Headlines

In today’s episode, we look at four major news headlines over the past two weeks. The Surgeon General’s advisory on social media and kids, Early smartphone ownership linked with greater mental health issues, Montana bans TikTok, and Stephen & Ayesha Curry’s social media regret. This episode is great to listen to as a family, and Kelly & Chelsea give thought-provoking questions you can begin with your kids.

Articles referenced:

Surgeon General Fears Social Media is Harming the Well-being of Our Children
Surgeon General’s Advisory
Smartphones Take a Toll on Teenagers: What Choice Do Parents Have?
Age of First Smartphone/Tablet and Mental Well-being Outcomes Report by Sapien Labs
Montana Governor Bans TikTok
Ayesa Curry Admitted She Regrets Overexposing Her Daughter on Social Media When She Was a Toddler

Scripture referenced:

Mark 9:42
2 Tim 1:7
Romans 12:2
Matthew 12:36
Psalm 141:3
1 Peter 2:16
Luke 9:23


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