Ep. 118: TRUTH Can Be Known with Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Kicking off our SET UP FOR SCHOOL series is a gifted teacher and blessing to the Christian community, Elizabeth Urbanowicz. Today we will discuss with her the importance of a Biblical Worldview: when and how to start teaching it and how online media and entertainment impact it.

Elizabeth holds an M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Several years into her teaching experience in a Christian school, Elizabeth realized that despite being raised in Christian homes, attending a Christian school, and being active in church, her students thought more like the culture than like Christ. Elizabeth began searching for curricular materials that would equip her students to think critically, helping them discover that Christianity is the worldview that lines up with reality. After not finding any materials that met this need, she began creating a curriculum for her students.

Today, she offers this curriculum through her organization, Foundation Worldview, which exists to equip Christian adults with the resources they need to train children to soundly interpret Scripture, carefully evaluate every idea they encounter, and understand the truth of the biblical worldview.


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