Ep. 129: Social Media News Headlines

Today we are talking about some recent news headlines surrounding social media and the culture it breeds. How do parents handle Snapchat? Do you know what the new research reveals about teens notifications? Why are Gen Z young adults so lonely? Should I got to college to be an influencer? All of this from a biblical worldview.

Articles Referenced:

Should I let my kid use Snapchat?
Kids and Teens Are Inundated With Phone Prompts Day and Night.
Cell Phone Shocker as 97% of Kids Use Their Device During School
Photo-Sharing App Lapse Hits Top of the App Store By Forcing You to Invite Your Friends
Gen Z Loneliness is So Bad That Some Young Adults Are Spending Thousands to Make Friends Through Gym Memberships and Social Clubs 
Many in Gen Z Hope to be Influencers. There’s Now a Degree For It.


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