Ep. 132: Why 41 States are Suing Meta

In this episode, Kelly and Chelsea discuss the recently filed lawsuit against Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta. Currently, the attorney generals of forty-one states have united against one common enemy in order to protect and preserve the well-being of one common victim: children. Is this legitimate? Why are the states taking action instead of the parents? What harm is actually done by algorithm-driven social media platforms? Brave Parenting has identified five core ways social media leads to the demise of mental health and well-being among young people today. These should help motivate you to wait and limit social media until after age 16.

Articles referenced:

Meta’s Instagram linked to depression, anxiety, insomnia in kids – US states’ lawsuit
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‘Social Dilemma’ star says Meta lawsuit will have ‘lasting impact’ compares Facebook to Big Tobacco

Scripture referenced:

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