Ep. 140: AI Chatbots & Relationships Part 2

In today’s PART 2, examining AI chatbots and the relationships that people can develop with them, we dive into the deep waters of AI companion (or AI girlfriend/boyfriend) apps like Replika. As parents and Christians, there is much to be warned about and be discerning with regarding apps like these. And don’t worry, we did all the research needed for you! Kelly talks about her experience on Replika for one week and her AI ‘friendship,’ so you don’t have to test this one out to see if it is safe.

Check out our Brave Parenting Guide to Replika as well!

And Part 1 of this conversation if you haven’t listened.

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Books referenced:

The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher
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Scripture referenced:

Ezekiel 36:26
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Helpful articles for further reading:
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