Ep. 141: AI Therapy Chatbots

The Artificial Intelligence industry seems to be single-mindedly set on advancing the human-chatbot relationship. To no surprise, this has expanded into the mental health arena with new apps poised to meet the growing demand for providers. If research has shown that humans can develop relationships with chatbots – does this provide validity for therapy chatbots, or is it a grave concern? It’s imperative that parents have grounded convictions on this topic because it will likely become the norm of society.

In today’s episode, Kelly & Chelsea (a licensed ACBC Biblical Counselor) analyze the purpose, effective practices, and goals of counseling and compare those with what AI-powered therapy chatbots can offer. They review the horizon of therapy apps available, ranging from human teletherapy to mindfulness to chatbots trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, all in an effort to guide parents in the BEST option for their child or themselves.

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