Ep. 144: AI Influencers

AI influencers are ostensibly benign, but when you pull back the curtain of AI-generated “magic” avatars and the aesthetic of perfection that AI creates, these AI influencers actually represent a dangerous and deeper theological and philosophical issue. What does it mean to post online under your likeness? Who really owns your likeness? Does it matter to anyone if AI takes over the modeling and influencing jobs of the world?

The bottom line (spoiler alert) is is that this impacts kids WAY more than it impacts adults – and this is precisely why EVERY parent needs to listen.

Scripture references:

Exodus 32
Matthew 22:39
Genesis 1-2
1 Cor. 6:19-20
Ps. 19:1

Articles referenced:

This AI Fitness Model Makes $11.000/month
AI Influencers are Missing The One Thing Companies Hire Humans For
Parents Worry AI Influencers Promote Unrealistic Beauty Standards
Virtual Influencer: Meet the AI-Generated Figures Posing as Your New Online Friends as They Try to Steal Your Stuff
The Top 10 AI Influencers on Instagram

Books referenced:

Francis Shaffer “How Shall We Then Live”


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