Ep. 147: AI Scams

In this episode, producer of the podcast Ryan Newcom joins Kelly in unpacking how Artificial Intelligence is allowing for more sophisticated scams. They review phishing attempts, voice cloning, and deep fake scams that are on the rise. Children and the elderly are common targets for internet scams making this an essential conversation to be had with the entire family!

Articles referenced:

10 Ways ChatGPT Shook Up the World in 2023
AI Robcalls Impersonate Joe Biden in an Apparent Attempt to Suppress Votes in New Hampshire
Political Consultant Behind Fake Biden Robocall Says He Was Trying to Highlight a Need for AI Rules
Finance worker pays out $25 million after video call with deepfake ‘chief financial officer’
‘Mom, these bad men have me’: She believes scammers cloned her daughter’s voice in a fake kidnapping

Scripture referenced:

Genesis 25:30-34
Genesis 27:1-30
Genesis 29:18-25


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