Ep. 152: Move Slow & Protect Things

A decade ago Facebook’s internal motto was “Move Fast and Break Things.” The broken pieces are all around us and Big Tech and now AI has not learned.
In today’s podcast Kelly & Chelsea talk through some recent AI and Big Tech headlines through the biblical worldview. It is clear to see that “Move Fast and Break Things” is still the general mantra. Brave Parenting recommends the alternative: Move Slow and Protect Things (such as childhood, human creativity, sacredness, marriage, etc.).

Articles referenced:

Catholic AI Priest Stripped of Priesthood
Catholic Group Defrocks Priest After it Gave Strange Answers
Meet Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

Videos referenced:

Figure 01 (Humanoid Robot Demonstration)
Apple iPad Commercial

Scripture referenced:

Hebrews 13:8
Romans 2:15
Romans 1:20

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