Ep. 91: WW Childhood Obesity, Big Tech Wants Birth Dates, M3gan Challenges Tech Reliance, & Seattle Sues Big Tech

How does the pervasive influence of media and big tech companies impact childhood development and worldview? You probably aren’t surprised to learn the impact is huge and (too often) destructive! This is precisely what Kelly & Chelsea address as they look at news headlines through the lens of Scripture in this week’s episode of Worldview Wednesday.

Articles referenced:

Childhood Obesity

Big Tech Wants Birth Dates

M3gan Challenges Tech Reliance

Seattle Sues Big Tech

Scripture referenced:

1 Cor 6:19-20
Rom 12:1
Phil 4
Rom 8:13
Prov 12:17
Prov 12:19
Prov 14:25
2 Cor 6:14
Heb 10:19-25
Ecc 2:10
Eph 4:22-24
Col 3:12

Commentaries referenced:

Expositor’s Bible Commentary
John MacArthur Study Bible


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