Ep. 97: WW – TikTok Announces Default Time Limits

In today’s episode, we look at the recent headlines about TikTok’s announcement that users under 18 will soon have a default time limit of 60 minutes. Summarizing five different articles, we apply a Biblical worldview to the reality of unhealthy habits (such as multiple hours of TikTok per day), how to stop, and whether or not it is sinful to continue doing what your conscience tells you is wrong.

Articles referenced:

TikTok announces 60-minute daily screen time limit for users under 18
TikTok to limit the time teens can be on the app. Will safeguards help protect them?
Will TikTok’s New Screen Time Limit Actually Change Anything?
TikTok Admits It’s as Clueless on Teens as the Rest of Us
TikTok restricts screen time for teens: Hour limit after White House ban

Scripture referenced:

Proverbs 4:23
Romans 7:15
Romans 7:19
Romans 14:14
Romans 14:23
Romans 7:23-24

Resources referenced:

John MacArthur New Testament Commentary: Romans 9-16
Brave Parenting Podcast: Episode 88
Brave Parenting Podcast: Episode 90
Brave Parenting Podcast: Episode 92
TikTok Screen Time Help Center




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