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We offer a variety of developed workshops or we will customize a message to fit the needs of your group and mission. Let us know how we can bring Brave Parenting to your group or organization.


We speak to parents and students on Media/Technology related topics and parenting counter-culture. Below is a list of workshops you may choose from or we can also create or tailor our messages to fit your community or group.

Speaking Topics for Parents

We speak to PTO organizations, teachers, MOPS groups, home school groups, student ministries (students or parents), churches, church retreats, Girl/Boy scouts, and businesses.

Preschoolers & Screen Time

60-90 minutes

It seems almost second nature now: a whining toddler is out of control and a parent distracts him/her with their iPhone. This scenario replays countless times in American families despite expert’s recommendations to withhold screens under 3 years old. In fact Americans have rebelled so severely that 90% of infants have become proficient on a smart device by 12 months old.

This presentation will focus on raising awareness to the
physical, mental, and emotional effects of technology and screens on children 5 and younger. Kelly will teach parents how to establish a comprehensive plan for raising ‘digital natives’ with virtuous character in a media consumed world.

Parent's Guide to Managing Media and Creating Character

60-90 minutes

The pervasiveness of screens in all the aspects of our lives can deceive us to believe children may as well be on-screen and online constantly. While it may feel inevitable, there are three truths that parents must know and stand on as they raise children of character and resilience. 

These truths will help parents evaluate and modify their own phone and media habits first in order to lead their children by example. Parents will learn how to set standards for screen and internet use in order to develop character and maintain safety. 

We will also equip parents with the current and best available monitoring tools as well as best practices to prioritize relationships over screens. The goal is to use technology purposefully and with character, not for technology to use us. 

Smart Parenting for the First Smartphone

60-90 minutes

The average age for a child to receive their first smart phone is 10 years-old. However, 90% of children have used a smart device by the age of 1 year. 

In this information packed message parents will learn the difference between the FREEDOM smart phones allow and the BONDAGE they more often create. Laced with real, and sometimes humorous anecdotes, We will detail the real ways kids are using their smart phones today and the loss of character, innocence, and intelligence occurring as a result. 

Parents will leave empowered with clear and actionable steps to protect their children including internet filters, texting limits, and time restrictions. The days of saying, “I should probably check their phone but I just don’t know how!” will be in the past after this powerful presentation.

Social Media: Real Dangers Real Solutions

60-90 minutes

Social Media has changed the lives of young and old alike. Our pre-teens and teens have begun “living” their lives inside social media apps. From fake profiles on Facebook, filtered selfies in competition for the most likes on Instagram, to the untraceable “snaps” and streak addictions on Snap Chat, teens have yielded to a new way of life. 

But at what cost to their relationships, purity, character and even their future with so much posted publicly? 

This workshop is guaranteed to enhance what you think you know and understand about social media. We will teach about the different types of social media platforms, the benefits and risks each poses, how best to limit and monitor use, and best practices to maintain moral character, integrity and emotional well-being when used.

Parenting Digital Natives

3-5 hours

This workshop condenses Brave Parenting’s three main presentations (Preschoolers & Screen Time, First Smartphone and Social Media) into a one intensive workshop. 

This is the first generation of children growing up with tablets as toddlers, smartphones in adolescence and social media as teens. Parents now have the difficult yet valuable role to play in how this technology shapes the character of their children. 

Parents, Grandparents, and Caretakers of all aged children will enhance their knowledge of their own role as media-use-influencers as well as the importance of boundaries and limits to build character and prevent addiction. Additionally, we will deliver essential and practical methods for limiting and monitoring media consumption in the home. 

Addiction: Internet, Phone, Video Gaming, & Pornography

60-90 minutes

Teens love to take risks and our connected world readily and easily provides them opportunities to do so. Considering the growing mental health crisis, young men and women seeking rehab for online (video) gaming disorder, and online pornography is a common and acceptable pastime among teens, it’s clear to see addiction is silently taking our children captive.

In this workshop parents and educators will learn about what research is discovering about these technologies and the brain, key information about addictions to video games, and the destructive nature of online pornography. Gather practical ways to prevent addiction and how to talk to children about these topics that surround their everyday lives.

Privacy & Predators (to Students & Parents)

60-90 minutes

We now live in a world where every piece of digital information is kept indefinitely, locations are tracked, addresses are publically posted, and every moment is shared with the world.

These implications are vastly disregarded. 69% of teens regularly receive unsolicited online messages from unknown people. But it’s not only predators who are able to find you. Schools, employers, insurance companies, future in-laws, and more will all be able to judge your character based on the personal information shared online.

This workshop’s information is imperative for every person possessing an online profile. Come learn the unsettling yet sobering reality of how your posting habits can put your future at major risk. 

Comprehensive Media Plan

60-90 minutes

Even if you think you’ve got it right with online filters for the home computer and monitoring measures for your children’s devices – chances are your kids can outsmart you (think YouTube tutorials).

This workshop will give parents an all-compassing plan to protect every device in the home. If you feel like you need to be doing better or more, this workshop is for you. And if you think you’ve got it all covered, you probably need this workshop too.

Whether you are tech-savvy or tech-ignorant, you will leave this workshop with the knowledge and resources to apply healthy internet and screen boundaries inside the home and across all devices.

Speaking Topics for Students

The Screen Life

30-60 minutes

Children growing up in today’s screen-saturated culture have new norms, standards, and challenges. From video games to Netflix, social media accounts and YouTube channels, these technologies and temptations are shaping the core of their character. As more of their lives become engaged with these online activities and relationships, their time spent on healthy, character developing activities is displaced. 

This student workshop will help students recognize their own need for balanced screen time in their life. What great things might they miss out on while watching life in Full Screen? Also, how will what they do and say online now affect their future?

Tweens & Technology: Navigating Middle School

30-60 minutes

The ages of eleven to fourteen are some of the hardest to endure. Hormones, relationships, and growing responsibilities makes the transition from elementary school to middle school agonizing. And that’s without smartphones, social media, and video games! Now that the Internet has deemed the age of adulthood as 13, children have been allowed access to brain and character-altering content and connection.

This student workshop is designed 5th-6th grade students as they transition into Middle School. They will learn about the popular social media platforms, how they typically used by their middle school peers, and how they can benefit from delaying their access to these apps. Students will learn to recognize signs of and how to avoid bullying, inappropriate sexual content, predators, and self-harm.

Not sure what workshop is right for your group?

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Yes. We back our belief in Brave Parenting to God’s commandment to brave, strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9), Jesus’s directive to enter through the narrow gate (Matthew 7:13) and Paul’s instruction to not conform to the patterns of this world (Romans 12:2).

Brave Parenting believes that unless we guide and instruct parents how to bravely raise their children to follow Jesus Christ in our current culture, the world will teach our children not to. And that is not acceptable.

But… we offer secular workshops too and are happy to bring our message to public schools and other secular venues. Regarding mobile media use today, there is a plethora of practical information we provide parent groups for the betterment of our young generation as a whole. 

We offer special discounts to schools and school related organizations. Please contact us for school board/PTO/PTA pricing.

We are open to speak any day of the week that fits the needs of your group. Daytime events are great for Moms group but we are equally flexible to schedule an evening or weekend event for your organization. Contact us for exact dates.

We typically speak on Media/Technology related topics but also speak on Foster/Adoption (naturally since our founder has 7 foster adopted children) and parenting counter-culture.  We can also create or tailor our messages to fit your community or group.

Our local area is anywhere within 50 miles of San Antonio/Hill Country area of central Texas.  There are no travel fees for events within this area.

However, we speak all throughout the U.S. and are open to international speaking request.

The cost of the workshop depends on the length and material provided.  Workshop and speaking fees start at $800.

Do you have a small budget? If you have a tight budget, please, feel free to contact us.  There are often ways to bring down the cost of the event including in-house printing of our materials, partnering with other local groups to defray costs, or providing other marketing/media resources.

Our calendar fills up quickly, so the simple answer is as soon as you know your event dates.  If you book early and need to change the date, we will work with you as best we can to accommodate the change.