Kelly Newcom

Kelly is founder and executive editor of Brave Parenting. She is a part time community Pharmacist and foster-adoptive parent of 7 children. She is a speaker and writer. Kelly is passionate to see  others bravely parent counter to culture and societal standards. She believes parenting is Kingdom work and must done with the courage and bravery of a warrior of God.

Chelsea Hezel

Chelsea is married to her high-school sweetheart, Zach, and they have three kids which they homeschool. She is a graduate of The Master’s University in biblical counseling. Currently, she volunteers in her local church as a women’s counselor and Bible study teacher. She is passionate about teaching God’s Word to her sisters in Christ. Of course, their location is always subject to change due to their military life-style. She loves to travel and explore new adventures. When she isn’t busy, you can find working in her yard and jamming out to classic rock.