Kelly Newcom

Kelly is founder and executive editor of Brave Parenting. She is a part time community Pharmacist and foster-adoptive parent of 7 children. She is a speaker and writer. Kelly is passionate to see  others bravely parent counter to culture and societal standards. She believes parenting is Kingdom work and must done with the courage and bravery of a warrior of God.

Chelsea Hezel

I am a tattoo loving, Guns n’ Roses listening, reader of the classics, adoptive mom of 1, married to my high school sweet-heart, classical Christian homeschool mom of 3, all within 2 yrs of the same age. My family currently lives the military life. We meet amazing people and leave them sooner than we would like. I love helping parents in all capacities, but specifically in education and behavior. My goal is to always point you back to Jesus. He keeps me on feet, standing, fresh and celebrating (Jude 1:24-25 msg)