Parental Control Resources for iOS

Navigating internet safety on iOS devices (iPhones) can be tough. Tools like OurPact, Qustodio, Bark, Net Nanny, and Mobicip can help. Each app offers unique features. They can manage screen time, block apps, filter web content, and track location. In this post, we’ll explore each app looking at their features, benefits, and challenges.  These apps […]

Parental Control Resources for Windows PCs

Monitoring a child’s online activities can be a challenge, especially if the child is technologically savvy. However, there are several methods parents can use to help ensure their child’s safety and appropriate behavior online. Here are five ways a parent can monitor their child’s computer usage.

Healthy Online Activities for a Rainy Day

A guest post by Jenny Wise Rain is pouring down and your kids just want to zonk out with their favorite video game or Netflix show. But that’s not the best option to beat the rainy day blues and it’s time to put those screens to good use. No matter how much they whine about […]

Brave Parenting Q & A

On THURSDAY JUNE 28th at 8pm CST Brave Parenting Founder Kelly and her husband Ryan will be LIVE here at and on Facebook [@braveparentingnetwork]. They will answer any of your Smartphone, Social Media, Internet, Boundaries, and Parenting questions. You can submit your questions in advance or during the live event. Kelly is the founder […]



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