6 Expectations Every Family Needs And Can Be Implemented Today

Have your kids ever thrown back statements like, “You expect me to be perfect all the time!” or “It’s impossible to do anything right with all your rules!” when you hold them accountable to expectations? This has become a hot topic for my family. So much that I personally found the need to take a […]

ADHD: To Medicate or Not? An Honest Opinion From a Pharmacist and Parent

Being a retail Pharmacist is sort of like my ‘other life’ outside of being a parent, blogger, and speaker. I enjoy my job because I love getting to know people, helping them overcome simple ailments like allergies or sore muscles, and simply being a kind soul in the brutal territory of sickness, disease, addiction, and […]

Should Girls Have More Restricted Social Media than Boys?

I have 3 girls and 4 boys. Not all of my children are old enough (by my standards) to have a phone or social media but in those who are I have already seen a vast difference in how each gender handles phones and social media. Personally, I understand girls. Sharing the same gender class […]

Parenting Bravely – Even When You Think You Suck At It.

As I sat curled up in a love seat across from four of the most beloved and trusted women in my life, they stunned me silent with one challenging question: What is your biggest fear? My first thought was, why are we talking about me? Isn’t it time to dive into someone else’s murky waters? […]