Netflix Parental Controls


Updated Netflix Parental Controls!

Netflix boasts 150 million subscribers. A lot of those are families who have been waiting for stronger parental controls for while. Well, they are finally here!

Now, you can lock any profile with a 4-digit PIN. This feature prohibits kids from accessing the adult/parent profile with mature content.

In the same way, when the child’s profile is locked it can prevent kids from watching when they aren’t supposed to. In order for them to access Netflix content, Mom or Dad will have to enter the PIN.

Here’s how:

Additional Controls:

Don’t forget to create “Kids Experience” profiles for your children as well. This automatically blocks out ratings inappropriate for their age. If you deem a certain show or movie inappropriate for your child you can block it specifically under Viewing Restrictions.

Here, in the account settings, is also where you can check your child’s viewing activity AND turn off the autoplay next feature. This feature promotes binging and is hard enough to resist for adults, much less kids.


Cheers to balanced screen time and helpful parental controls!


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