Brave Parenting Guide to Episode

What is the Episode app and is it appropriate for my child? Here are 5 FACTS every parent needs to know about Episode: #1 Choose Your Story Episode is a storytelling game in the Role Playing category. The app is a mobile storytelling network and platform. Their own description states that it features: interactive Hollywood-caliber […]

The COVID-19 Chaos Could Be a GIFT to Your Family – Don’t Miss it!

Call the COVID-19 cancellations and closures CRAZY – Call it SAFE – Call it FEAR – call it whatever you want, but the reality is our kids are home and the toilet paper likely needs to be rationed. We are all asking the question “What on earth are we going to do for another week […]

Brave Parenting Guide to Twitch

What is the Twitch app and is it appropriate for my child? Here are 5 FACTS every parent needs to know about Twitch: #1 Watch Live Gaming Twitch is a streaming service (similar to YouTube) most specifically for Live Video Game Streaming. Per the app store: “Access all the content you care about, from frenetic […]

Brave Parenting Guide to Reddit

What is the Reddit app and is it appropriate for my child? Here are 5 FACTS every parent needs to know about Reddit. #1 Front Page of the Internet Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. The name “Reddit” is a play-on-words, as in: “I read it on Reddit.” […]

Brave Parenting Guide to Amino

What is the app Amino and should my kids have it? Here’s the 5 Facts you need to know about Amino: #1 The Basics Amino is a social networking app aimed at teens that builds communities around specific interests. Their website states: Amino has authentic mobile Communities for whatever you’re into. YOUR INTERESTS…TIMES INFINITY Amino […]

Brave Parenting Guide to VSCO

What is the VSCO app & should my kids have it? Here’s the 5 Facts parents need to know about VSCO: #1 Photo Sharing Similar to Instagram, VSCO allows users to edit and add filters to photos in order to share or save. VSCO provides a direct option to share your photo to Instagram, Instagram […]

BARK: Parental Control Monitoring

BARK Digital communication presents challenging situations for parents. Quite possibly some of the hardest scenarios you’ll ever come across as a parent. Even if you trust your child to communicate appropriately, kindly, respectfully, and legally, there is always the concern of what others may communicate with them. The best and most on-top-of-it parents around can’t […]

The Remind App: More Than Just Convenience?

As school goes back across the country, the Remind app (formerly Remind 101) claimed a temporary position as the #1 Free App in the iTunes app store. It’s easy to assume apps and services like Remind are required for students and parents, as so many teachers are integrating smart technology and conveniences into their classrooms. […]

Phones in Hand

During a routine perusal of the Sunday ads, this made my 13-year-old daughter and I stop in our tracks. Miss Mix-A-Lot: A+ Looks she can shuffle and play on repeat We get the reference to music and clothes, yet there are no headphones. Just 6 young girls holding phones and taking a selfie. Is it […]

If It’s Between YouTube and Me – Pick Me!

In the minute it took to click the link to this article and begin reading, 400 hours of videos were uploaded to YouTube. YouTube is engaging its viewers intently across 91 countries and 80 different languages. In a calendar year, people watch 46,000 years worth of content. The enormity of that volume can barely be […]

School Breaks: Keeping Technology in Check

As another school break rolls around, we’re answering some commonly asked questions regarding screen time when not in school. But in reality, these questions hold true for every day. My children are at home by themselves while I am at work. How do I keep them off the internet all day long? First, children should […]

The Real Problems with Fortnite

The creators of Fortnite are geniuses. If Epic Games hasn’t been nominated yet for the “TIME 100: Most Influential People”, they should be. This one game, created by one company, carries an incredible power of influence over many children (and some adults) who play it. For many parents, they only know the game is fun, […]

“LIVE LISTEN”: The Eavesdropping iPhone Feature & What Parents Do Next

Every new, expanded feature in tech has both the potential for BENEFIT and the potential for HARM. Apps and websites meant to positively connect people are also used to spread hate, plan crimes, or connect predators to their victims. Smart technology can make our home entertainment options vast and convenient. That same smart technology, however, […]

Is Your Child’s Smartphone their Best Friend?

There is great value in knowing who your adolescent child’s friends are. Most specifically, who they consider their best friend. In this relationship, they will be more influenced by them than by you. Your adolescent’s growing independence should never preclude you from knowing who or what holds this power of influence. You may not be […]

Why Everyone Needs a Phone Basket

Every year we host a “Christmas Cookie and Hot Coco” party for our middle school aged children. It all began because Grandma, a Cambridge Culinary School trained chef, loves to bake dozens upon dozens of extravagant Christmas cookies for the kids to indulge in. Not wanting our kids to eat them all, we invited all […]

Apple iOS 12 Parental Controls: Content & Privacy Restrictions

Apple’s iOS 12 introduced new parental control features called Screen Time, allowing for more granular limits and mindfulness of time spent. Before diving into these Content & Privacy Restrictions you’ll need to first install iOS 12 onto your phone or device. Then set up Screen Time for your child’s account on your phone. In the […]

Apple iOS 12 Parental Controls: Setting up Screen Time

Apple iOS 12 introduced the Screen Time features that can help parents and children with both limits and mindfulness. One new limit is “Downtime”, when a designated amount of apps are unavailable under password protection. Additionally, time limits for specific apps are also possible now. To promoting mindfulness, Screen Time tracks your phone usage – […]

Inside Instagram: What Every Parent Needs to Know [VIDEO]

Back in 2017 we published an article: What Every Parent Needs to Know About the Updated Instagram. To this day, it stands as our most popular article reaching over 550,000 people. Parents are rising up in bravery and making informed decisions about how their children engage online – this is great! In the time since […]

Neglect Your Phone (Not Your Child)

You probably think your teen spends too much time on their phone. A majority of parents (72%) feel this way according to new research.[1] And…over half of teens (52%) AGREE they spend too much time on their smartphone. Your child probably thinks YOU spend too much time on your phone. Over half of teens (51%) […]